Food for the Soul
May 13th, 2009 by Elbert

Have you ever noticed how food brings people together? We gather at Sunday dinners, potlucks and BBQs. Laughter flows as we break bread together. We offer food for comfort -a fresh baked cookie to a crying child, a casserole for someone who is sick or grieving and a pie to welcome a new neighbor.

As we look back on those times, we remember the smells and tastes and as our senses are engaged the rush of laughter and warmth comes flooding back too. Food is and always will be an important part of our traditions, a legacy which we can pass on to our children and their children. As we pass on the recipes we also pass on the traditions, the family stories, the history.

We are at a time in our history when connection, tradition and community have taken center stage. The economy has helped us to reevalute our priorities and many are choosing simple pleasures over costly outings. We are again gathering in backyards and dining rooms, sharing food, laughter and love.  I hope that as things improve we will continue to engage in these simple pleasures and that we will pass then on to the next generation.

The Legacy of the Tea Cake
Apr 15th, 2009 by Elbert

Southern food historians say tea cakes evolved from an English recipe brought to America by British settlers in the 18th century. They were known as “little cakes” and were served with afternoon tea, but are called tea biscuits in Britain today. teacakes54

The basic recipe was passed by word-of-mouth for generations. Unlike the English, Southerners made the cakes for snacks or special occasions, especially at Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter. Each cook added special ingredients, such as molasses or grated lemon rinds and spices.

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